Why We Need Palm Oil Alternatives

Palm oil dominates vegetable oil use worldwide. Oil palm fruit mesocarp (reddish pulp) is its source.

What's Palm Oil?

Now farmed in Asia, North America, and South America, palm oil trees were originally from Africa.

Where Are Oil Palm Trees Found?

Over 85% of palm oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. However, 42 additional nations produce palm oil.

Globally Produced

This versatile oil is found in nearly 50% of store packaged goods, including bread, ice cream, pizza, chocolate, and donuts.

A ubiquitous Ingredient

Toiletries including toothpaste, deodorant, and shampoo include palm oil, as do over 70% of cosmetics, including lipstick.

Designed For Anything

Palm oil can be distributed because it's semi-solid at room temperature. It resists oxidation, extending product shelf life.

Very Versatile

Palm oil can be harvested practically year-round, making it attractive to growers and smallholders who need a continuous revenue stream.

Year-Round Product

Palm oil has several advantages over its drawbacks, at least on paper. Palm oil is a major cause of deforestation.

Palm Oil And Deforestation

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