We Tried 10 Store-Bought Tortilla Chips And Found A New Favorite

Tostitos: A classic choice, Tostitos delivered a satisfying crunch with a hint of saltiness. While reliable, it didn't stand out compared to some others.

Late July Organic: Known for their commitment to organic ingredients, Late July's tortilla chips offered a robust corn flavor and a sturdy texture, making them a top contender.

Garden of Eatin': These chips impressed with their hearty thickness and authentic corn taste. They were a hit among those who prefer a more substantial chip.

Xochitl: With a delicate balance of salt and corn flavor, Xochitl chips provided a crisp bite that left a lasting impression. Their thinness added to their appeal.

Siete: Siete's grain-free chips stood out for their unique ingredients and crunchy texture. While different from traditional tortilla chips, they offered a satisfying snacking experience.

Doritos: Offering a bold punch of flavor, Doritos brought a cheesy and spicy kick to the table. However, their artificial taste may not appeal to those seeking a more natural chip.

Trader Joe's: Trader Joe's tortilla chips boasted simplicity with their minimal ingredients list. While not overly remarkable, they provided a solid base for dipping.

Mission: Mission chips offered a light and crispy texture, ideal for pairing with salsa or guacamole. However, they lacked the depth of flavor found in some other brands.

Guerrero: Guerrero's chips provided a satisfying crunch but fell short in terms of flavor compared to some competitors. They served as a decent option for basic snacking.

Juanita's: Rounding out our list, Juanita's chips offered an authentic taste of traditional Mexican tortillas. Their rustic appeal and hearty crunch earned them praise from our testers.

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