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The Best Traditional Italian Recipes

Arancini with melted mozzarella

This superb starter will delight cheese lovers. Delicious risotto and mozzarella balls are easy to make, but you'll need to put in a little time.

Osso buco Milanese

Serve with a delicious risotto and garnish with gremolata or mix in some orzo. The traditional recipe calls for veal, but feel free to use pork shanks for a more affordable version.

Lasagna per le feste

Comfort food par excellence, lasagna is perfect for a party! While the basic recipe remains pretty much the same.

Linguine carbonara

The internet abounds with many stories, each more creative than the last, about the origin of pasta alla carbonara.

Tasty tiramisu

Spectacular, delicious, and (too) easy to make, tiramisu is an essential dessert for those with a sweet tooth!

Veal piccata

A staple of the Italian culinary repertoire, veal piccata combines the tangy taste of lemon and capers with the smoothness of butter and olive oil.

Panna cotta

Easy to make, panna cotta (translation: cooked cream) can be prepared in advance and accommodates a variety of flavours and coulis.

Prosciutto and melon

“Less is more,” as minimalists say! And how! All you need are two ingredients and a handful of herbs to prepare this delicious appetizer.

Sunday ragù

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons for delicious stews. Ragù is simply a meat sauce cooked for a long time.

Italian minestrone

Cabbage, carrots, leeks, and a host of other vegetables, plus delicious white or borlotti beans, combine flawlessly in a tomato broth flavoured with fine herbs.