Taco Bell Is Testing New Cantina Chicken Loaded Nachos

Another exciting new nacho delicacy is coming to Taco Bell just weeks after its Loaded Beef Nachos launched as part of a redesigned value selection.

Taco Bell recently tested new Cantina Chicken Loaded Nachos with warm nacho cheese sauce, reduced-fat sour cream, seasoned beans,

pico de gallo, creamy chipotle sauce, guacamole, and a three-cheese blend. The new Cantina Chicken Loaded Nachos

feature slow-roasted chicken instead of beef like Taco Bell's Nachos BellGrande and Loaded Beef Nachos.

"This delectable nacho extravaganza is a true celebration of bold flavors and textures, making it a must-try for those lucky enough to get their hands on it," Taco Bell told Eat This, Not That!

Unfortunately, Taco Bell lovers outside of California can only get Cantina Chicken Loaded Nachos at select Bakersfield stores. Taco Bell

often tests new menu items in limited markets to see how they'll sell before expanding them. Fans might hope Taco Bell launches the new nachos

Cantina Chicken Loaded Nachos cost $6.49 at Bakersfield retailers, but prices may vary.

Taco Bell's new Cantina Chicken Menu will premiere statewide on March 21, just weeks after the Loaded Nacho test. The new menu includes a Cantina Chicken Burrito

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