Southwest Airlines Announces A New Route

Southwest Airlines has launched a new route.

It will take off from Oakland, California, and land at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

It's not shocking, but it is unexpected that Oakland is still considering renaming the airport. The nonstop flight commenced on September 5th.

It will be a daily service. Southwest will employ a Boeing 737 with 175 seats.

"This new transcontinental nonstop is a substantial time-saver for those traveling between the Bay Area of San Francisco and the Baltimore-Washington metro area," says Interim Director of Aviation at the Port of Oakland.

"Their expanding network offers Southwest's legendary service, numerous convenient options, and the certainty and ease of using OAK." Everyone benefits from this great mix."

The airport estimates that 900 persons commute from the San Francisco East Bay to the Baltimore/Washington DC metropolitan region each day. 

The new Southwest Airlines trip responds to passenger demand for transcontinental flights that allow passengers to use OAK and avoid enroute stops while traveling coast to coast.

BWI is about 33 miles from downtown Washington.

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