The Right Car For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries daredevils are active, bold, and adventurous.Letting the Mazda Miata top down will energize Aries.

Aries-Mazda Miata

Tauruses require an automobile that matches their patience and dependability.The New York Post named the Volvo XC60 the safest automobile money can buy.

Taurus-Volvo XC60

These active, adaptable, and youthful beings deserve a classic model that matches their dynamic personality.Every situation calls for the classic Jetta. Touch-screen app connectivity, a good stereo, blind-spot sensors, and more are in its 2018 iteration.

Gemini-VW Jetta

Cancerians are thoughtful, loving, and protective, therefore they require a safe, inventive car. This car is secure and luxurious, so it can handle everything.

Cancer-Mercedes E-Class Sedan

Leos are kind, loyal, and expansive. They lead their life.Leo's big attitude suits the spacious Forester.

Leo-Subaru Forester

Modest, methodical, and loyal, Virgos make smart, sensible decisions.That's why strict Virgos drive Prius. This innovative hybrid has kept improving since its inception.

Virgo-Toyota Prius

Libras are stylish, flirtatious, and gregarious, always looking for fun.Just consider this top-selling luxury SUV. Roomy and stylish, these wheels will get you there.

Libra-Cadillac Escalade

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