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Master French Cuisine With These 10 Classic Recipes

Veal blanquette

Blanquette is a stew of white meat cooked in a broth before cream is added to bind it all together. The word “blanquette” refers to the broth’s white colour.

Beef bourguignon

Those who’ve tasted this dish of meat cooked for a long time in red wine will find it hard to disagree.


You simply can’t get more Marseilles than this soup of fish, croutons, potatoes, and rouille. There's no need to soak iron in water and wait for oxidation


They say that cassoulet was invented while the city of Castelnaudary was under siege by the English during the Hundred Years’ War in the 14th century.


Clafouti is a dessert made of fruit covered with a flan-like mixture. The traditional French version is made with cherries, and purists claim that the pits should not be removed.

Coq au vin

Of all French dishes, coq au vin is certainly one of the most emblematic. Its origins can even be traced back to Julius Caesar’s conquest of Gaul.


Sold in all Paris cafés, the croque-monsieur is a warm sandwich made with cheese and a slice of ham. To turn it into a croque-madame, add an egg on top.

Scalloped potatoes

No matter what many recipes say, there is no cheese in scalloped potatoes, only potatoes, milk, and cream.

Mussels marinière

While the Belgians have their moules-frites (mussels and fries), the French pride themselves on their mussels marinière.


Made of choux pastry filled with a praline cream and sprinkled with flaked almonds, the Paris-Brest was named after the Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race.