Enhance Your Space with 8 Christmas Floral Decor

Poinsettia Centerpiece

Make a beautiful centerpiece with fresh or artificial poinsettias. For a traditional Christmas touch, place them in a colorful vase or basket.

Evergreen Bouquets

Arrange evergreen branch bouquets in vases or jars. For added interest, add pinecones, berries, or ornaments.

Holly and Berry Wreath

Make or buy a wreath out of holly branches and crimson berries. It can be hung on your door or used as a colorful wall decoration.

Cranberry Candle Holders

Fill transparent glass candle holders halfway with water and fresh cranberries. For a simple yet stunning centerpiece, place a floating candle on top.

Candlelit Hurricane Vases

Fill hurricane vases with pillar candles and a mixture of foliage, pinecones, and berries. Line these up along your mantle or use them as a table centerpiece.

Christmas Rose Arrangement

Add Christmas roses to your floral designs. For a refined look, pair them with white lilies or other seasonal flowers.

Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece

As centerpieces, use little tabletop Christmas trees. Decorate them to complement your decor with small ornaments, lights, and ribbons.

Festive Floral Garland

Make a garland out of fresh or artificial flowers and greenery. Drape it over your fireplace, stairs, or even across your dining table.