Embrace 8 Vintage Themes in Christmas Decor

Victorian Elegance

Use deep reds, greens, and golds to recreate Victorian splendor. Elegant glass decorations, lace, and velvet ribbons decorate your tree. For an elegant environment, use antique candle holders and sculptures.

Retro Mid-Century Modern

Retro mid-century modern transports you to the 1950s and 1960s. Use bright aqua, pink, and silver. Choose aluminum Christmas trees, vintage ornaments, and geometric designs. Get tacky with tinsel and atomic decor.

Country Farmhouse

Vintage country decor gives a farmhouse feel. Try burlap, plaid, and natural textures. Display ancient agricultural tools, stockings, and wooden ornaments. Galvanized metal elements add farmhouse charm.

Shabby Chic Delight

Use pastels, faded finishes, and flowery motifs for shabby chic. Use vintage lace, doilies, and recycled things. Add soft colors, antique-style ornaments, and mismatched ones to your tree for a nice, eclectic effect.

Old-Fashioned Dickensian Christmas

Victorian Christmases take you to Charles Dickens' world. Burgundy and forest green are deep colors. Use top hats, lighted lanterns, and Dickensian figures. Use vintage wrapping paper and ornaments.

Rustic Cabin Retreat

Give your cabin a rustic vintage look. Use wood, faux fur, and plaid. Display pinecones, handcrafted ornaments, and vintage skis. Lanterns and candles provide a cozy atmosphere.

Art Deco Glamour

Gold, black, and silver embellishments evoke Art Deco splendor. Decorate with geometric designs, mirrors, and metal. Choose vintage glass ornaments with vivid patterns and elegant shapes.

Colonial Williamsburg Tradition

Use classic decor to recreate Williamsburg's colonial charm. Use colonial candles, fruit garlands, and greenery. Create a historic and lovely atmosphere with handmade decorations, wooden ornaments, and vintage-inspired wreaths.