Costco's New $2 Breakfast Sandwiches Are a Huge Hit: 'Best I've Ever Had'

Just days after a new breakfast sandwich hit Costco's freezer aisles, consumers are raving about it as the finest they've ever had.

Costco's Kirkland Signature breakfast sandwiches were first seen in warehouses last week. Applewood-smoked bacon, egg, and cheese are sandwiched

The new sandwiches captivated Costco buyers instantly. With a few days to try them, wonderful reports are flowing in.

"These things are incredible," one admirer remarked under a Reddit post about the sandwiches with over 300 comments.

I regret not buying another box after buying them last week. Awesome," commented another.

Customers have compared the frozen Kirkland sandwiches to Starbucks' spiral croissant-based Double Smoked Bacon,

Egg, & Cheddar Sandwich. Costco buyers can get a replica of the Starbucks item for a quarter of the price.

Customers said Kirkland Signature packs provide eight sandwiches for $15.99. So each sandwich costs roughly $2. In central New Jersey,

Starbucks' Double Smoked Bacon, Egg, & Cheddar Sandwich costs $6.13. Costco buyers said the sandwich tastes "exactly the same" as Kirkland's

Shoppers adding these sandwiches to their lists should note that certain Costco warehouses acquire new products earlier than others.

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