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Bad Habits Parents Need To Break

Feeling like you're failing

It's common for parents to be hard on themselves, but this kind of thinking is counterproductive.

Doing everything for them

By trying to make your kids' lives easier, you may be doing them a disservice.

Fighting over the little things

Pick your parenting battles wisely. You can't win every battle, and you shouldn't try to.

Neglecting your romantic relationship

It's easy to neglect your relationship when you're mostly focused on raising and taking care of your kids.

Overscheduling them

We want our kids to learn new things and experience everything they want. But this can lead to overscheduling them.

Overusing technology

Even if technology is today an integral part of our lives, it's important to have some time apart from it to simply be with your family.

Trying to be together 24/7

It's not uncommon for parents to feel guilty over not spending enough time with their children.

Spoiling them

Many parents end up inadvertently spoiling their kids by buying them lots of things. And while material items are nice, they won't bring lasting happiness.