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9 KFC Menu Items You've Never Heard Of

Pot Pie

The flaky-crusted Pot Pie, with its warm and creamy chicken, potato, pea and carrot filling, is a classic on the menu at KFC in the US.

Scoff-ee Cup

The intricate construction featured an edible sugar paper wrapper branded with the KFC logo and a white chocolate inner lining that melted when the cup

Dipping Fries

To solve the problem of French fries being too skinny to get maximum sauce when dipping, KFC introduced Dipping Fries to its menu in Romania.

Salted Egg Chicken

Deliciously messy Salted Egg Chicken is another perfect meal for sauce lovers. It features hot and crispy fried chicken drizzled in savoury salted egg sauce.

Gravy Mashies

Deep-fried mashed potato with a squirt of KFC gravy in the centre, Gravy Mashies were a twist on an old KFC.

Potato Krisper

When KFC moved into the Indian market, the chain adapted its menu to suit local dietary requirements.

Paneer Zinger

Also launched in India in 2014, the Paneer Zinger featured a paneer (Indian cheese) patty filled with spicy sauce.

Pachito Pasta

In Vietnam, KFC restaurants serve spaghetti topped with tomato sauce, grated cheese and (of course) the famous fried chicken.

Cheese Top Burger

Who says the cheese has to go inside the burger? KFC Philippines certainly didn't think so when it introduced this game-changing dish.