9 Glitter Ornament Ideas for Tree

1. Classic Glitter Baubles

Choose traditional glittered ball ornaments. Choose a color palette that complements the theme of your tree.

2. Glitter Snowflakes

Hang glittery snowflake ornaments on your tree to create a winter wonderland effect. For variety, combine different sizes and colors.

3. Personalized Glitter Initials

Cover wooden or foam initials with glitter to make personalized ornaments. Hang with a ribbon or twine.

4. Glitter Pinecones

For a rustic yet glamorous look, coat pinecones in glue and glitter. Use them to decorate your tree or as accents in wreaths and garlands.

5. Sparkling Starburst Ornaments

Make starburst ornaments out of wire or twigs and cover them in glitter. These one-of-a-kind ornaments will add a glimmer to your tree.

6. Glittery Reindeer Ornaments

Glitter reindeer-shaped ornaments to add a whimsical touch. For an elegant look, go with gold or silver glitter.

7. Glittery Holly Berries

Cover artificial holly berries in glitter to add some holiday greenery. Attach them to your tree or use them as decorative accents.

8. Glitter Candy Canes

Glitter traditional candy cane ornaments to add a festive and sweet touch to your tree.

9. Glamorous Glitter Ribbon

Make bows or streamers for your tree with glittery ribbon. The ribbon will catch the light and add a touch of glitz.