8 Teddy Bear Christmas Decorations

Teddy Bear Tree Topper

Instead of a traditional star or angel, adorn your Christmas tree with a Teddy Bear. Add a ribbon or bow for a more festive look.

Teddy Bear Ornaments

Miniature Teddy Bears can be used as ornaments on your Christmas tree. Bear ornaments in various festive poses can be purchased or made.

Teddy Bear Stockings

Choose Teddy Bear-shaped stockings for a whimsical addition to your fireplace mantel. Make them unique for each member of the family.

Teddy Bear Wreath

Make a wreath out of small Teddy Bears. Hot glue them to a wreath form and add ribbons or bows for a festive touch.

Teddy Bear Garland

To make a garland, string together small Teddy Bears. For a cute and cuddly Christmas accent, hang it along stair railings, mantels, or doorways.

Teddy Bear Table Centerpiece

For a charming centerpiece, place a Teddy Bear in the center of your dining table, surrounded by Christmas greens, ornaments, or candles.

Teddy Bear Gift Wrapping

As adorable embellishments, use Teddy Bear-themed wrapping paper or tie small Teddy Bears onto gift packages.

Teddy Bear Lights

To create a soft and cozy lighting element, wrap string lights around or through plush Teddy Bears. Set them on shelves or near the Christmas tree.