8 Star Wars Christmas Tree Ideas

Star Wars Character Ornaments

Use Star Wars character ornaments to decorate your tree. Miniatures of iconic characters such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Yoda, and others are hung.

Lightsaber String Lights

Replace standard string lights with lightsaber-shaped ones. Choose different colored lightsabers to represent different characters or factions from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Themed Tree Skirt

Wrap your tree base in a Star Wars tree skirt with patterns and images from the films. Look for images of starships, droids, or the Star Wars logo.

Galactic Garland

Use miniature Star Wars spacecraft, characters, or even classic Star Wars quotes to make garlands. Drape them around the tree by stringing them together with ribbons or twine.

DIY Star Wars Ornaments

Make your own Star Wars ornaments to express your creativity. Make Star Wars symbols, ships, or characters out of felt, clay, or even paper to hang on your tree.

Death Star Tree Topper

A Death Star tree topper will adorn your tree. You can buy pre-made Death Star toppers or make your own with materials such as foam or papier-mâché.

Millennium Falcon Tree Skirt

Wrap a Millennium Falcon-themed tree skirt around the base of your tree. This iconic starship can be the focal point of your Star Wars Christmas tree.

Star Wars Ribbon and Bows

Tie ribbons and bows with Star Wars themes around the tree branches. Look for patterns that feature Star Wars characters, symbols, or scenes.