8 Pinecone Christmas Tree Ideas

Pinecone Tabletop Tree

Attach pinecones of various sizes to a cone-shaped foam or Styrofoam base with hot glue. Layer pinecones to form a tree from the bottom up. Leave the top open for a tree topper or small star.

Pinecone Garland Tree

String pinecones into a tree garland. For rustic, festive decoration, hang the garland on a wall, mantel, or staircase.

Pinecone Place Card Holder Tree

Place cards on small pinecones for your holiday table. Place them in a tree shape on a festive table runner or placemat.

Pinecone Advent Calendar Tree

Number and attach pinecones to a cone or tree on a wall. Keep small treats or messages in pinecones for a unique Advent calendar.

Pinecone Ornament Tree

Add ribbons or strings to pinecones to make hanging ornaments. To display rustic ornaments, hang them from a tree branch or tree-shaped structure.

Pinecone Tree Centerpiece

Pinecones in a bowl or tray make a tree-shaped centerpiece. Candles, berries, and other festive elements make a striking centerpiece.

Pinecone and Burlap Tree

A rustic, cozy tree with pinecones and burlap. Create layers with burlap and pinecones on a cone. Add twine or ribbon for flair.

Pinecone Wreath Tree

Attach pinecones to a tree-shaped wreath frame. Hang the wreath on your front door or indoors for a festive touch.