8 Kiwi-Infused Christmas Drink Ideas

Kiwi Sparkling Punch

Combine fresh kiwi, pineapple juice, and orange juice in a blender. For a fizzy punch, combine the purée with sparkling water or ginger ale. Serve with kiwi slices as garnish.

Kiwi Mojito

In a glass, muddle kiwi slices, mint leaves, and lime wedges. Pour in the white rum, simple syrup, and ice. For a tropical kiwi mojito, top with club soda.

Kiwi Lemonade Cooler

Combine kiwi puree and fresh lemonade. Chill and serve over ice for a pleasant kiwi-infused lemonade.

Kiwi Coconut Margarita

Combine kiwi, coconut cream, tequila, and lime juice in a blender. For a tropical margarita, rim the glass with coconut flakes.

Kiwi Iced Green Tea

Make some green tea and set it aside to cool. Refrigerate the kiwi slices. With a touch of honey, serve the cooled kiwi green tea over ice.

Kiwi Basil Smash

Fresh kiwi, basil leaves, and a dab of simple syrup are mashed together. Shake thoroughly with gin and ice. Pour into a glass to make a tasty kiwi basil smash.

Kiwi Berry Sangria

In a pitcher, combine kiwi slices and various berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries). Pour in the red wine, brandy, and orange juice. Allow to cool before serving.

Kiwi Rosemary Spritz

In a simple syrup, infuse kiwi segments with rosemary. Combine the infused syrup and club soda or sparkling water in a mixing bowl. Garnish with a fresh rosemary sprig.