8 Jingle Bell Christmas Decorations

Jingle Bell Wreath

Make a wreath with a variety of jingle bells. Hot glue them to a wreath form, arranging them in a uniform or random pattern. Use a festive ribbon to hang.

Jingle Bell Garland

String jingle bells together to make a lovely garland. For a bright touch, hang it along stair railings, mantels, or across windows.

Jingle Bell Door Hanger

Hang a string of jingle bells from your front door with a colorful ribbon. The bells will make a delightful sound every time the door opens.

Jingle Bell Centerpiece

For a simple yet festive centerpiece, fill a glass vase or bowl with jingle bells. For extra flair, add some greenery or battery-operated fairy lights.

Jingle Bell Candle Holders

Using a strong adhesive, adhere jingle bells to the outside of candle holders. The heat from the candles may cause the bells to gently jingle.

Jingle Bell Place Settings

Tie jingle bells to napkin rings or ribbons around cutlery. This will add a festive touch to your holiday tablescape.

Jingle Bell Stockings

Add jingle bells to the cuffs of your stockings for a whimsical and musical touch. Every step will add a jingle to the festivities.

Jingle Bell Door Swag

Attach jingle bells, greenery, and bows to a wire frame to make a door swag. Hang it on your front door to make a festive entrance.