8 Industrial farmhouse Christmas tree ideas

Galvanized Metal Tree Collar

To add an industrial touch, start with a galvanized metal tree collar. The metal adds an urban touch, and the tree collar adds a polished touch.

Wooden Crate Base

For a rustic farmhouse foundation, place your tree in a wooden crate or box. This adds warmth to the space while also complementing the industrial elements.

Metallic Ornaments

Metallic ornaments in silver, gold, or copper tones are ideal. Industrial metals such as brushed steel or galvanized metal give the tree an urban feel.

Edison Bulb String Lights

Replace standard lights with Edison bulb string lights. These vintage-style bulbs add to the industrial look while also providing a warm glow.

Wire Mesh Ribbon

Wire mesh ribbon in neutral colors such as burlap or white is ideal. The wire structure adds an industrial touch, while the neutral tones keep the farmhouse feel.

Rustic Wooden Ornaments

Incorporate distressed or reclaimed wooden ornaments. This adds farmhouse charm while also balancing the metallic elements.

Industrial-Inspired Tree Topper

Choose a tree topper with an industrial feel, such as a wire star or a metal orb. This creates a focal point with an urban flair.

Burlap Tree Skirt

A burlap tree skirt completes the look. Burlap complements the farmhouse theme and contrasts well with the metallic and industrial elements.