8 Festive Home Decor Ideas

Deck the Halls with Garlands

Garlands of rich greenery can be used to decorate your staircase, mantel, and doors. For a more festive look, add pinecones, berries, or lights.

Festive Wreath on the Front Door

A gorgeous wreath on your front door will greet guests. Choose one embellished with pine branches, baubles, or even a rustic burlap bow.

Cozy Christmas Throws and Pillows

Decorate your living room with holiday-themed blankets and pillows. Choose patterns like reindeer, snowflakes, or traditional red and green.

Twinkling String Lights Everywhere

String lights give an instant comfortable and festive ambiance. You may hang them on your Christmas tree, wrap them around banisters, or put them in jars for a soft light.

Table Centerpiece with Candles

Using candles, make a lovely centerpiece for your dinner table. Decorate them with holly, pinecones, or decorations and place them in candle holders or on a tray.

Seasonal Candles and Scents

Place scented candles throughout your home to create seasonal scents such as pine, cinnamon, or vanilla. Choose attractive candle holders to enhance the celebratory atmosphere.

Mini Christmas Tree in Every Room

Decorate tiny Christmas trees and place them throughout the house. These miniature trees can be designed to fit any area, from conventional to wacky.

DIY Advent Calendar

Make an advent calendar to keep track of the days till Christmas. Hang little stockings or envelopes with sweets or small gifts for each day of the year.