8 DIY Christmas Centerpieces

Candlelit Pinecone Centerpiece

Arrange pinecones in a beautiful bowl or tray of varying sizes. For a warm and rustic centerpiece, scatter small LED candles or tea lights among the pinecones.

Cranberry and Evergreen Vase

Fill a transparent glass vase halfway with water and fresh cranberries. For a simple yet vivid Christmas centerpiece, add a bundle of evergreen branches or holly.

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Using miniature mason jars, make mini snow globes. Fill each jar with fake snow, small figurines, and glitter. Place the jar on a fancy plate or tray and seal it.

Winter Wonderland Cloche

Under a glass cloche or dome, place a winter scene or little Christmas tree. For a lovely centerpiece, surround it with imitation snow and little ornaments.

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Fill a big glass bowl halfway with water and top with floating candles. Sprinkle cranberries, pine branches, or miniature decorations in the water to add a festive touch.

Rustic Wood Slice Centerpiece

In the center of the table, arrange a collection of wood slices. For a natural and rustic Christmas centerpiece, place candles, pinecones, and small ornamental items on top.

Holiday Fruit Centerpiece

Make a festive fruit centerpiece using pomegranates, oranges, and apples. Arrange them in a stylish dish or basket for a bright and tasty display.

DIY Advent Candle Holder

On a wooden board, arrange four or five candles of varied heights in a row. For a personalized Advent centerpiece, decorate the board with greenery, pinecones, and ornaments.