8 Customized Christmas Jewelry Gifts

Name Necklace

Give them a lovely necklace with their name or initials engraved on it. Select from a variety of fonts and styles, such as traditional cursive or trendy block letters.

Birthstone Bracelet

Make a beautiful bracelet using the recipient's birthstone. You can add more charms or change the design to fit their preferences.

Engraved Family Tree Pendant

An engraved family tree pendant captures the essence of family. Include family members' names or birthdates for an emotional and memorable piece.

Custom Coordinates Jewelry

Engrave the coordinates of a meaningful site, such as where you first met or a beloved vacation area, on a necklace or bracelet to commemorate it.

Monogrammed Earrings

Choose a pair of monogrammed earrings for a refined and individualized touch. Choose elegant script or block letters for their initials.

Personalized Birthstone Ring

Create a personalized birthstone ring with the gemstones of family members or loved ones. Choose a fashionable environment to match their preferences.

Initials Anklet

Give them a fashionable and personalized anklet with their initials. This delicate accessory gives a charming touch to any outfit, especially in the warmer months.

Custom Message Bracelet

Make an engraved bracelet with a message, phrase, or important date. This meaningful and wearable remembrance allows you to communicate your feelings in a distinctive manner.