8 Best Funky Hairstyles For Girls To Try In 2023

1. Tousled Pixie

Stand out in the crowd with this deep, side-parted tousled pixie. The dark roots of this pixie contrast beautifully with the blonde ends.

2. Finger Waves

You can make this camp haircut more interesting by wearing a flapper dress and bright red lipstick. 

3. Crazy Buzz Cut

Your entire head should be covered with very short hair, which is absolutely next to a clean shaved head.

4. Flying Ponytail Braid

A stiff wavy ponytail braid like this can help you get all the attention instantly.

5. Vibrant Multicolored Locks

The vibrancy of this short multicolored bob will make you stand apart from others.

6. Random Bold Spikes

Here comes one of the best short funky hairstyles for girls whose style statement is ‘bold and beautiful’!

7. Sharp Ultra-Stylish Hair

Now, this is an ultra-stylish hairstyle that you should never ever try at your home.

8. Mysterious Long Hair

Here comes another funky hairstyle for girls with long hair. This weird and mysterious look can be a good choice for your next Halloween party. 

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