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7 Grooming Hacks Every Man Needs To Know Before Winter Arrives

Shave Post Your Shower Session

Getting a shave before you go for a shower may seem like a good plan because you would save some time, but in a real scenario

Use A Sunscreen

Your skin will thank you if you use a sunscreen even in winters.

Dandruff Will Be A Big Deal

One of the many negatives of winters is the fact that dandruff becomes a part and parcel of your life.

Wash Your Face Before You Head To Bed

Heading to bed with a clean face and body is very important.

If You Have A Beard, Use A Balm

Beard balm adds an extra dose of moisture to your beard and seals the wax.

Exfoliation Is The Key

Dry skin will be a bigger problem in winters and you will find yourself scratching more often.

Never Forget To Carry Your Lip Balm

Carry a small chapstick with you and use it whenever your lips start feeling dry.