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8 Surprising Food Facts Most People Don't Know

Why does honey never go bad?

You can store a jar of honey in your cupboard for years and it'll be fine.

Why does skimmed milk make more froth than whole milk?

If you're perfecting your barista skills at home, here's a tip for you.

Why does Swiss cheese have holes?

Swiss cheese (Emmental) gets its famous holes from bacteria known as P.

What causes brain freeze?

Brain freeze happens when blood vessels in the roof of your mouth rapidly constrict when cold food or drink, like ice cream, touches it

Why do cut apples go brown?

Oxygen in the air activates enzymes (catalysts of biochemical reactions) in apple flesh.

Why do bananas make other fruit go off quicker?

Bananas release a gas known as ethylene that begins the ripening process.

Why does bread dry out but biscuits go soft?

A loaf of bread will harden over time due to a process called starch retrogradation.

How does salt increase blood pressure?

Salt attracts water, so when you eat a salty diet it increases the amount of water retained by the body.