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10 Recipes To Take You Around The World

Peruvian ceviche

Though this dish is renowned across Latin America, it is most famous in Peru.

Hungarian goulash

This delicious comfort food dates back centuries, originally cooked by shepherds.

Vietnamese phở bò

A classic beef soup beloved worldwide, phở bò is at its core a richly spiced bone broth with herbs and rice noodles.

Austrian wiener schnitzel

This signature dish of veal translates to “Viennese cutlet” in German and is the culinary pride of Vienna.

Portuguese egg tarts

A delicious dessert known for its swirly buttery base, this tart will transport you to Lisbon!

Japanese ramen

Arrive in Japan, and you’ll be met with world-class ramen restaurants to satisfy every craving.

Indian butter chicken

Butter chicken, also known as chicken makhani, was invented in Delhi by Kundan lal Gujral, the owner of a popular restaurant.

Thai tom yum soup

If you can’t make it to Bangkok to taste this amazing hot and sour soup, try making the clear broth or creamy milk version at home!

Mexican tamales

This traditional Mexican dish with so much history is filled with delicious ingredients of different varieties.

Brazilian picanha steak

Also known as “Coulotte steaks,” picanha in Portuguese means “a cut of meat sourced from the top sirloin,” a favourite in Brazilian cuisine.