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10 Recipes To Make With Coffee

Chocolate and coffee no-bake cookies

These chocolate and coffee no-bake cookies are perfect for busy people who want an extra kick with their sweet treat.

Coffee kombucha

Making your own kombucha is a matter of trial and error, but this recipe for coffee kombucha offers plenty of tips to make the process easier.

Coffee jelly

Sweetness from sugar and even a dash of lemon juice work well with the dark roast coffee flavour.

Chili with coffee

If you’re the type who takes pride in your delicious and possibly secret chili recipe, then you might be excited to see if a dash of coffee really makes this the best chili recipe ever.

Cold brew coffee pie

If you take your morning cup with cream, then this might be the perfect dessert for you.

Espresso hot fudge sauce

It’s delicious drizzled on fruit, cakes, pies and cookies, and of course, warmed up and added to a scoop of rich ice cream.

Coffee chicken mole

The spicy and chocolatey flavour of mole sauce is already delectable, but this coffee chicken mole is even more inspired than you might be used to.

Easy coffee pudding

Almost as simple to prepare as instant pudding—and much tastier—this easy coffee pudding is a fuss-free weeknight dessert.

Coffee meringues

These light and sweet coffee meringues are gluten-free and contain only five ingredients.

Coffee smoothie

This coffee smoothie can pull double-duty as a quick breakfast or an energizing post-workout snack.