10 Reasons Why Some People Harbor Resentment Towards Boomers

10: Tech Trouble

For their tech issues, boomers are derided. Tech issues transcend generations. Attitude matters more than age. Anyone may become annoyed by complaining about technology without learning it. 

9: Political Choices

Politics can be contentious, and Baby Boomers have suffered for their views. Their support for certain agendas has angered others.

8: Scapegoating

Sometimes blame is an easy way out. Instead of admitting you forgot an umbrella, you blame the weather for ruining your plans. Baby Boomers are blamed for a lot, but system discontent is more common.

7: The Boomer Attitude

Boomers are criticized for their conduct. Their work ethic and social norms differ from younger generations.

6: Grouped Together

Young folks see Boomers collectively. There's no Boomer cookie cutter tale. As with millennials and Gen-Z, some had fantastic prospects, others had college debt, and some had the world on their shoulders.

5: The Fallout of Success

Baby Boomers had a rare reprieve after WWII. The industrialized world was in ruins, so they played with new toys. While some build Barbie Dreamhouses, others struggle to find a space for their dolls.

4: The Grass is Greener Syndrome

Younger generations assume Baby Boomers had beautiful lawns, jobs, homes, etc. It seems they didn't water it sufficiently, leaving subsequent generations with a dry area and a "No Trespassing" sign.

3: Divide-and-Conquer Tactics

Blaming the boomers is simple, but others think there's a broader game—divide and conquer. Instead of targeting millionaires and businesses that may control the strings, it's simpler to blame the elder generation.

2: The Circle of Blame

Historically, people blame the preceding generation. Boomers blame their parents, who blame theirs. This is like generational tag, when one group passes the “blame baton” to another. 

1: Impact on Society and Economy

Baby Boomers, born after WWII, shaped society and the economy. However, others believe they left subsequent generations with difficult issues.

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