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10 Perfect Pasta Dishes The Whole Family Will LOVE

Spinach orecchiette

Frozen spinach isn't second-best either, as it gives the sauce more depth of flavour than fresh.

Smoked sausage pasta

A comforting combination of smoked sausage, ribbon-like pappardelle and creamy mustard and onion sauce

Spinach and ricotta gnudi

Made from ricotta and flour, these tender dumplings require a little effort to make – but once you've nailed the technique, you'll be richly rewarded.

Seafood tagliatelle

This simple seafood recipe takes just 30 minutes to make. First, whip up a sauce using fresh chopped tomatoes, onion and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Jackfruit 'tuna' pasta

If you're looking for a vegan pasta dish that takes you beyond tomatoes and garlic, this is the recipe you need.

One-pan vegetable lasagne

A vegetarian take on traditional lasagne, this one-pan wonder replaces meat with mushrooms, courgette and spinach.

Pasta puttanesca

When it comes to puttanesca, nothing you can buy in a jar comes close to a homemade version. It's very simple: tomatoes, anchovies, capers, olives, chilli and garlic are all simmered into a sauce.

Crab spaghetti

For a taste of luxury, pull out all the stops and make this crab spaghetti. Though it sounds fancy, really it's just a combination of garlic, chilli, parsley, crab meat and a squeeze of lemon.

Linguine vongole

Linguine vongole, also known as spaghetti with clams, is a favourite in Southern Italy.

Bean and pasta broth

This soothing soup is made nearly exclusively from store-cupboard ingredients.