10  Peekaboo Hair Highlights Ideas You Will Love

1. Natural Peekaboo Highlights

We'll come up with more complex ideas for peek-a-boo highlights as we go along, but we'll start with something simple. 

2. Rainbow Peekaboo Hair

The cool thing is that they won't show when your hair is down, but you should know that when your hair is half up and half down, they will be fully visible.

3. Steel Blue Peek a Boo Highlights on Dark Hair

If your hair is already dark, you might want peekaboo highlights in a color that goes well with it.

4. Well Hidden Peekaboo Hair

If you go to a well-known hairdresser, you might get the peekaboo hairstyle of your dreams.

5. Frontal Peekaboo Highlights

Adding peekaboo lines just in front of your face is a beautiful way to frame your face. You can get ideas from the picture above, especially if your bangs are to the side.

6. Edgy Peekaboo Highlights Short Hair

If your hair is short and chopped up, you should know that peekaboo lines are a great way to give it even more edge. 

7. Blonde and Navy Peekaboo Hair

Some women look great with natural-tone highlights, whereas others look wicked with contrasts.

8. Curly Hair with Peekaboo Streaks

Curly hair with peekaboo highlights has its pros and cons. Even though the lines will look great around your curls, they will be hard to hide because of the way your hair is curled.

9. Subtle Peekaboo Highlights

You should use the "lowlights" method. In other words, your lines will go well with the main color of your hair, especially the bottom half.

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