10 Of The World's Oldest Dishes And Where They Are Today

Bread: Bread has been a staple food for thousands of years and can be found in various forms across the globe.

Stew: Stews have been cooked since ancient times as a way to combine various ingredients into a single, hearty dish.

Rice and Beans: This simple yet nutritious combination dates back centuries and is a dietary staple in many cultures, including those of Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

Pickled Foods: Pickling as a preservation method is ancient, with examples like Korean kimchi, German sauerkraut, and Middle Eastern pickled vegetables still enjoyed today.

Soup: Soups have ancient origins and come in countless varieties worldwide. Examples include Chinese hot and sour soup, Italian minestrone, and French onion soup.

Porridge: Porridge, made by boiling grains in water or milk, has been a breakfast staple for millennia.

Roast Meat: Roasting meat over an open flame is one of the oldest cooking methods. It's still enjoyed today in dishes like American barbecue, Argentine asado, and British roast beef.

Flatbreads: Flatbreads, such as Indian roti, Ethiopian injera, and Turkish lavash, have ancient origins and are still widely consumed today as a versatile accompaniment to meals.

Fermented Foods: Fermentation is an ancient preservation method that produces foods like yogurt, cheese, and miso.

Fish and Chips: While not as ancient as some other dishes on this list, fish and chips have been enjoyed in Britain since the 19th century and have become a beloved classic that can be found in fish and chip shops across the UK.

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