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10 Most Random Facts About Horses


Horses can weigh a lot. Like, a lot. While some look like they’re only a couple hundred pounds, others can weigh up to 2,200 lbs (998 kg).

Wild horses

Horses haven’t always been domesticated. Up until some 6,000 years ago, they ran wild after which the animals were bred to help with daily tasks.

Still standing

From there, horses evolved to the animal we all see and know today.

My little horsey

Horses are first documented to have appeared about 56 million years ago.

Evolved carnivore

The earliest horses lived in dense, lush forests and grazed on large amounts of foliage or small animals.


As crazy as it may seem, horses can’t vomit. Their bodies are built in such a way that they can’t physically regurgitate food.

Grinning giant

It’s called the flehmen response, and horses do it to smell their surroundings, especially in regard to pheromones.

Tail-tell signs

According to the Enyclopaedia Britannica, “Przewalski's horse, a subspecies of the modern horse.

Shape shifter

As horses evolved, they not only increased in size, but lost all but one of their toes on each foot.

Tremendous variety

Think there’s only one type of horse? Think again! While there are up to 400 different breeds of equine.