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8 Misconceptions About Being Vegan

You won’t get enough protein

While it’s true that animal products can be a great source of protein, vegans can still get adequate protein

Veganism is the surest way to weight loss

Vegans, on average, have a lower BMI than their vegetarian or meat-eating peers, as well as lower body-fat percentage.

Athletes can’t be vegan

It’s commonly thought that you can’t maintain an athletic body on a vegan diet, but many professional athletes.

Veganism is unhealthy for children

parents and others who fear that children won’t get enough nutrients from a vegan diet can rest easy.

All vegans are preachy

As veganism gains popularity, it also attracts a lot of discussion.

Vegans can never eat in restaurants

A vegan diet can be limiting in some circumstances, but the idea that it will be impossible to eat

Vegan food isn’t filling

It’s often thought that the only way to feel full is to eat portions of meat or rich, dairy-laden meals.

Veganism is only about food

Some people assume that being vegan is only about making the dietary choice not to consume animal products.