10 Mexican Meals We Can't Stop Thinking About

Tacos al Pastor: Marinated pork cooked on a vertical spit, thinly sliced, and served in corn tortillas with pineapple, onions, cilantro, and salsa.

Chiles Rellenos: Poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, meat, or beans, dipped in egg batter, fried, and served with a savory tomato sauce.

Enchiladas Verdes: Corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken, rolled up, and topped with a vibrant green sauce made from tomatillos, cilantro, and green chilies.

Mole Poblano: A rich, velvety sauce made from chili peppers, chocolate, nuts, and spices, served over chicken or turkey.

Pozole: A hearty soup made with hominy, pork or chicken, and seasoned with chili peppers, garlic, and other spices, garnished with shredded cabbage, radishes, and lime.

Tamales: Steamed masa dough filled with a variety of savory or sweet fillings, wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves.

Carnitas: Slow-cooked, tender pork shoulder seasoned with citrus and spices, often served in tacos or burritos.

Chilaquiles: Crispy tortilla chips tossed in red or green salsa, topped with shredded chicken, cheese, onions, and crema fresca.

Sopes: Thick, handmade masa dough topped with refried beans, meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and sour cream.

Barbacoa: Tender, slow-cooked meat (often beef or lamb) seasoned with spices and traditionally cooked in an underground pit or wrapped in banana leaves.

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