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10 Jobs That Will Never Disappear


A choreographer is an artist who designs and directs dance routines and performances that will entertain.


Teachers not only need to know a lot, they must shape the development of their students


In different religious traditions, a clergy person is an ordained member who conducts religious worship.


One of the things that’s hard for machines to replicate is emotional intelligence.

Human resources managers

While computers may search resumés for the right keywords, narrowing down the field for job candidates,

Athletic trainers

As much as fitness devices like Fitbit are all the rage, it still takes the personal touch of a fitness trainer to keep people motivated and on track for their exercise goals.

Data scientists

While machines are great at amassing data, sometimes it takes a human to understand the story it is telling in its algorithms and code.

Gig workers

In today’s growing gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are becoming more common,


People aren’t crazy about other people poking around their mouths; they’re even less eager to have machines take over the role.

Registered nurses

An aging baby boomer population will ensure that demand stays high for registered nurses, who work in hospitals, clinics.